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Under federal and state law, people who step forward to expose illegal activity on the part of businesses, municipalities, contractors, or private foundations are protected from retaliation and persecution. In a qui tam whistleblower case, an employee steps forward with knowledge that his or her employer is defrauding the federal government. In most qui tam cases, accounting fraud is hidden by keeping two or more books or upcoding and bundling when healthcare fraud is involved. If a whistleblower’s testimony is instrumental in convicting an employer of fraud, he or she is compensated with a percentage of any recovered funds.

In federal cases involving defrauding the government, whistleblowers who cooperate with federal prosecutors are eligible to receive a portion of what the federal government recovers in its case against an employer. Additionally, under legislation passed by the Obama administration, whistleblowers now have more protections against harassment and intimidation than in the past.

An important part of cooperating with the authorities, however, is understanding and protecting your rights and prerogatives. Our attorneys at Shelton Davis, PLLC can ensure your legal interests are protected, taking steps to prevent you from being used by federal investigators who may not provide enough support or protection. Call us today at (601) 228-3166.

Whistleblowers – Fraud, Criminal Activity & Safety Violations

Illegal activity on the part of private corporations, contractors, public entities, non-profit organizations, and medical providers are subject to whistleblower laws and protections.

At Shelton Davis, PLLC, our whistleblower attorneys represent clients in cases involving:

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Kickbacks
  • Over-billing

Federal Whistleblower Claims & Lawsuits Under the False Claims Act

Under a federal law known as the False Claims Act, if you are aware of instances where your employer or someone you know filed a false claim to receive benefits from the federal government, you can file a lawsuit and receive a portion of the amount by which the federal government was defrauded. Such a lawsuit is known as a “qui tam” or “whistleblower” action.

There are, however, specific requirements that must be met before you receive any compensation:

  • You must show that the federal government was defrauded. This must take the form of a request for payment for goods or services that were either not delivered, or that the party seeking payment was not entitled to receive. In addition, the federal government must have made payment on the false claim.
  • Under the statute, the party defrauding the government must have acted with knowledge of the false statement, with reckless disregard for the accuracy of a statement, or with deliberate indifference to the truth.
  • You must have actual knowledge that a fraud was committed. It is not enough that you have a suspicion.
  • The knowledge you have must have come from a private source. You cannot file a claim for something you learned in a public forum.
  • You must also file your claim under the False Claims Act within a specified time of your discovery of the fraud.

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